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bread and roses

a song of pilgrimage

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This journal is currently inactive.

My journal title is based on this song, which I love because it expresses something of my quest to combine political engagement and spirituality (in the broadest sense of each) into a coherent whole.

I live in London, England in a friendly, chaotic household of adults, teenagers and companion animals. Pilgrimage and spirituality are central to my life; I have practised and learned from a number of different paths and remain grateful to all of them. I'm nonbinary, polyamorous and polysexual.

For those who know me offline, I have a Google Calendar and keep up-to-date contact details in a locked post here. If you don't currently have access to either of these and think it would be useful if you did, let me know. I check my e-mail regularly at the address in this profile. If there's anything else you want to know about me, just ask. I won't be offended by a polite question, and I will probably answer (but I don't promise!)

My posts here are cross-posted from Dreamwidth. Public posts are automatically also linked on Twitter and Facebook. I do not cross-post comments, whether I make them on my journal or someone else's.

Most of my icons were made for me by other people. Thanks, guys! My default icon at the top of this page was made by adjectivemarcus. If you click on it, you can see a list of all my icons, with the maker's handle where applicable.
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